Monday, February 21, 2011

Inferno-Part Three

     I've been losing time at a terrible pace.  How long has it been since my last update?  When I woke up this morning, I was at the edge of the woods about a mile from my motel.  I think I was sleepwalking, but one can never be too sure.  I haven't seen him in the past couple of weeks.  I haven't seen him, but I can feel him watching me and that is almost worse.  If there's a bee in the room, one wants to see it.  Every flicker in my peripheral vision, every shadow that crosses my window, every sudden noise as the motel rooms settle.  And it is so cold all the time, so very cold.  Whenever I wake up, there are small icicles or frost spiderwebbing across the window panes.  This is California; it's not supposed to...


  1. Are you okay? I have a bad feeling for you. You may need to keep running and stopping to rest probably isn't safer. Try to fine someone sane who knows about Him maybe they can help you. He may be trying to make you a Proxy by mind-manipulation or make you into a Sleeper. Be careful, the drugs may help with the anxiety and hallucinations but they could make you more susceptible to his influence.

  2. i haven't stalked your activity enough to know if you've posted anywhere else at all, but i fear that you haven't

    wesker, please for the love of god say something.

    i have reread your blog again and, as a simple observer now, am very worried that this story has gone far too cold.

    please, you must talk to us.

    i don't want to lose a friend.

    from what i remember in my... insanity months as i shall now call them, you were a rather kind soul who gave welcome little comments on my blog. rereading my own stuff confirmed this (and also made me go a bit bug eyed at how far gone i was at times)

    but please, fight off whatever is keeping you in the silence and darkness and bring back that light that your presence created.

    though my own experiences aren't real, i know for a fact that yours are. dont ask me how i know, but i do believe you

    you may be one of the people i truly and honestly believe are fighting this thing

    right now that list is short and consists of you and m.

    im going to get caught up on other blogs now. please, prove to us you are still alive

    awaiting your response,