Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Dreams.  In archaic Freudian terms, they spring up from the Id and pass through the filter of the Ego.  I have often wondered if, at least for certain people, there exists the ability to tap into a Dreamscape; the collective Id of the human race, if you will.  This hypothesis is far-fetched, I know, but bear with my musings.  Suppose the Slender Man can find us through our dreams.  He clearly has some influence over our minds, and I’ve heard tell of people waking up in strange locations.  He seems to feed off of negative emotions, and when are we most susceptible to unbridled feeling if not in our dreams?  I will look into this.
I have started sleepwalking again.  It used to be a problem, coupled with some other sleep-related disorders.  Last night, I dreamed of faces, many faces falling apart at the seams.  It was as if something was punching holes in them and pulling out the stitching; inside the faces were pitchy and corroded and stunk of rotting wood.  According to my roommate, I got out of my bed around 4:40 and stood at the window for a few minutes before going back to sleep.  I do not remember ever waking.
I have not seen him yet today.  I am leaving for school very soon though; the day is young.

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