Thursday, February 3, 2011

Madoc, are you here? I've been sleepwalking again, my dear.

       This morning, I woke up in the dorm’s basement.  Unlike the sub-basement, it’s furnished with a television, a pool table, and some very comfortable couches.  Guess where I woke up?  My neck is an opera of injured nerves.  I found some weird notes scattered around the table next to me.

       The first one says 'NO SLEEP' over and over.  I thought the second was gibberish at first, but after some research I realized it is a copy of one of the nine "perfect" word squares.  The words themselves don't have much to do with the situation (I think), but the capitalization screamed 'code'.  The first two hidden words are then DEATH and DIE.  The last two gave me problems because their letters are out of order.  After some patient anagramming, I figure they read 'NOT SANE'.  ...That, or 'TONES AN'.  But the former makes more sense, you think?  The last one clearly has 'DIE" in capitals, but the format made me suspicious.  After a while, I recognized it as a backwards sentence without spaces.  'He is coming soon and your blood will flood the earth' is what it says.  When I took those pictures I was very cold all of a sudden, but nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  I haven't seen the lean mean tentacle machine since the dry ice bomb incident.  I get the feeling 'seen' is the operative word in that statement. 
      I was hoping the pills would prevent the sleepwalking.  Bitter disappointment.  My roommate apparently saw me leave the dorm around 4 AM, and assumed I was going to the bathroom.  I talked to the security guard at the front desk, too.  I told him I had a sleepwalking problem and wanted to know where I'd gone in the night (I didn't mention anything else, of course) and he let me look over the hall security tapes with him. 
 There is no record of me being in my hall since I came back to the dorm yesterday afternoon.  
The guard thought I was pulling a stupid prank and reprimanded me.  Does anybody know what's happening to me?

     Delia has been officially reported missing.  The police are supposed to come and interview people.  I think it's safe to assume who has her.


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