Tuesday, February 1, 2011

At The Window

And I’d almost regretted making this blog, thinking I’d reacted in haste.  I had thought perhaps I’d imagined my encounter because of paranoia.  There are other reasons I’d assume hallucination over reality when dealing with something like this, besides pure skepticism.  They relate to my aforementioned original interest in Slender Man’s mythology, but again I am not going to post about that now.  I will have to eventually.  The goal of this journal is to record my experiences so that, even if I should die, others in my situation might have another piece of the Slender puzzle.  To do that, I am going to have to bring up things about myself and my past that I’d rather lie buried.  Good lord, I sound melodramatic.  I will chalk that up to what I’ve just seen. 
My roommate and I were studying quietly in our dorm when I noticed something flicker by our fourth floor window.  I got up to check.  The DVD I was watching had started to skip, but I thought nothing of it; I was playing it on my old PS2, and it sometimes skips with movies. 
He was outside, in the small alley between my dormitory and the hotel next door.  As it is night and the alley has no street lamps, I could only make out his shape by the rim light illuminating him from the hotel behind him.  That is not a shape one forgets.  I was going to attribute it to a trick of my mind, but my roommate had come to look out of the window as well.  She asked if I knew ‘why that man’s wearing such a weird costume’. 
I think I can rule out hallucinations.
The thing of it is, he wasn’t looking up at us.  From what I could make out, he was pointed towards the room one door down from our room.  I heard them shut the window.  Perhaps I have an ally?  My roommate’s friend, Delia, lives there.  I will go talk to her. 
Delia was strange.  Granted, I’d never the occasion to talk to her outside of a passing greeting here and there, but she did not seem quite right.  Her face was drawn and sullen, her eyes bruised from what I assume to be lack of sleep.  It is too early in the semester for that, unless she has been out partying frequently.  It was the way she spoke that rose my heckles, however.  Slurred and simple, and at one point she repeated herself twice.  Her eyes were so distant then.  This may still have to do with drugs or alcohol, but given recent events her behavior is raising red flags.  I will proceed with caution; from what I read, Slender Man can addle one’s mind.  That or she may be becoming one of the minions I hear about.  I don’t know how I can help her (if I can help her) so I will spend the rest of this night researching.
You may wonder why I don’t go on the run, as I hear many do.  The way I understand it, he is always watching you wherever you go.  If this is the case, running will solve nothing.  That aside, I am not yet autonomous.  I have no money of my own, and I can guarantee my parents will disable my credit card were I to disappear.  The small funds I have would not get me out of the city. So I will be preparing an arsenal of weapons, both traditional and...experimental.  I have no idea if they will work, but it is worth trying, should I need them.  Better to stand and fight, if I am not merely a witness.

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